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    T-Shirts Coming Soon

    Tee-Shirts Coming Soon, Linked Up With Mike From Universety Should Be iLL
    Hit Me Up If You Want One...@thelonious1up...aka the twitter flow


    Big Wheels&Gold Teeth


    Two Scoops, well of dopeness, worked extremely hard, my fam Aaron from bNc hooked it up proper. I think that every track is a song you can bump to, whether its the mellow tracks or the hype ones, its all good music...


    Sorry People

    I haven't been blogging as much but if you look at the twitter flow above....
    I've been getting it CRACKING
    But this is what i've been up too...


    Fear Of Flight

    I Have My Own Beat Tape
    This Is EPIC
    Hit up Hypekillaz For The Link