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    Closer To The Weekend

    Today was hilarious
    I mean I had one final
    Then it was all hell after that outside
    Nobody went to classes
    After first period final
    Yet I had to finish painting this speaker for class
    I was in their like Mr. Miyagi taught me son
    So when that was all done
    I chilled with Stan for lunch
    And met up with the same crew from previous day for after
    Today was one step closer to the weekend 
    Tomorrow being the last day for me until this summer starts
    All I have to do tomorrow is get to put my speakers to the box
    I mean I'm having fun
    Like a kid on the loose in a candy store
    You should've seen me turning books
    It was like it was "Free Lap Dance" Day at Magic City
    I was on cloud nine
    I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    When Charlie got the golden ticket
    Only thing is I don't want to leave anything behind
    No stone unturned
    So I'm checking my list twice

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