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    As For My Day

    Alright I added some gadgets to the page
    I chilled for the most part
    I was supposed to go hoop
    But I couldn't pass on a chance to chill with my home Brandon
    Aka Topaz
    We hung out for a bit
    Then we went to Dr. Hill
    Brandon's mom is a doctor and works with Dr. Hill
    And this Dr. Hill is yes Lauren Hill's father Dr. Hill
    He didn't bring it up, so it never came to conversation
    But after that weird outing
    Brandon's mom, Brandon, and I
    Went to Panera Bread afterwards
    Dude, I mean I've looked at the place
    But never walked in
    I had a roast beef sandwich and a mango smoothie
    I definitely reccomend
    I felt so laptop in starbucks though
    I checked my email there
    But now I'm home watching the Olympic
    Michael Phelps is AQUAMAN
    And thanks to Hypekillaz
    I know there is a full song of "Jockin' Jay-Z"
    Here it is

    I'll hit you with the daily dose
    And don't think I've forgotten about Love On Wax
    It's just been so hectic
    I've got summer assignments I'm about to begin working on
    And playing basketball
    And I'm really starting to work on my beats mroe
    It feels good to be back
    Daily Dose will have a vid as well
    So no worries
    But I bid you ado until D.D.

    The Brain says "Whats a Panera Bread"

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