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    Daily Dosage

    Sorry it got kinda of late
    I mean I dozed off
    Then I started to watch Kanye 
    On The Friday Night Project
    A British variety show
    But As for your dosage of freshness
    I begin with
    Nike Air Trainer II SB
    WTAPS(who have become regulars on the D.D.) x Bounty Hunter Jacket
    Barrack Obama print by Grotesk
    Original Fake 4 pocket shirt and the much awaited new era fitted
    Alife x G-Shock Casio "Three Six Bloody Three Six"
    The next two are apart of a HUGE comeback Jeff Staple x Starter Black Label
    And that is a big dosage
    You should contact your local physician if you are experiencing extra freshness
    And I almost forgot 
    A vid for your viewing pleasure
    Lately I've been feeling Pharcyde
    If you haven't peeped the "Ya Mama" video
    Don't run from this

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