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    Daily Dose Come Quickly

    If Feel Great
    New haircut
    I'm going to pick up my RUN MTC shirt
    Tomorrow USA plays  Argentina in mens basketball 
    I personally think USA is going to "doo doo" on them
    But on to the daily dose
    And really I think things are on a turn for me
    I'm stepping out of my boundaries 
    Even though I'm at the loss of my phone
    I went over on those day time minutes
    Leading to the inevitable 
    "See what had happened was"
    Any who
    From the top
    Crooks and Castles Fall/August Collection
    Surface To Air Tee Shirt
    Mosley Tribes Lyndel
    Jordan Six Rings White/Concord colorway
    The next three pics are from Swagger's Fall Preview 
    Usually most items are kept to one pic per brand or subject, but all of the pieces are hot
    Even the website is dope
    Taz Arnold's Tisa/Phenomenon teaser of this falls collection
    And that concludes the freshness
    And to complete this

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