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    Daily Dose aka It's The First Of The Month

    Okay it's the first of the month
    Meaning new things, new beginnings
    My auntie from Chicago, just moved in
    So I gotta adjust
    But the blog is same homie
    Gotta Daily Dose for you people
    And yeah I said you people
    I see the comments thanks in advance
    Keep showing love 
    Now from the top
    Nigo's Favorite Shop Bape Varsity Jackets
    Stussy fall preview, I'm a personal fan of Stussy, their shirts are usually a must have
    Diamond Supply Co. tee-shirts, pretty dope, despite the played out diamond graphic's
    City Of Men x X-Large Japan tee-shirt, this is actually pretty fresh
    Remember LA Gear? Well they're back
    And you see those Collab glasses, now thats a dope pair of shades
    And since it is the first of the month
    I got a anthem for ya

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