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    Almost There...

    Dude the school year is over for me
    I'm shutting it down
    The waivers are signed
    Books turned in
    All finals are done
    I've got this def speaker built and
    I've got to say this school year has become a blessing
    From almost going to school in my hometown
    To having a wonderful year making plenty of new friends while strengthening 
    My relationships with those who already knew
    Now that's all the sob story you're getting out of me
    I built my speaker
    It's friday
    I'm going to shoot some hoops at the YMCA
    I mean I gotta play before I leave for camp tomorrow
    And I'm going to wash clothes at Matt's (Shouts to Hypekillaz)
    Trying to see a couple of people before I leave
    So this may be the last post for the next two weeks
    I won't be traveling with the laptop
    So the thought bubble won't be portable
    But I digress
    Ergo to the fact that I'll be busy in Chicago on my own
    But don't be down
    I'll update when I can
    Maybe my pops may even do a post or two

    The Thought Bubble is putting on his shades and is summer chilling

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