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    Funny To Say

    I got some spare time
    The lil ones are tired out from playing and running around
    Aside from Sebastian taking a GOOD two hour nap (in my arms, he likes to fall asleep on someone)
    The crew was up and around
    Geno came by we played Madden 08, 09 comes out in a couple months for you video gamers
    But All that happened with Geno will be overshadowed by what he said today
    The conversation went like this
    "Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo cold"
    Me replying in disgust
    "You're kidding, you're kidding right, their flows are so elementary, Lupe is so much better."
    Geno coming out his mouth for the say of the day
    "Lupe is not better then Gucci or Shawty."
    And that my friend started my day weird
    This fool said WHAT!?!?!?!?!?
    Come on now
    You my big bro cuzzo but damn
    That's ridiculous
    I damn near kicked him out my house
    Shawty Lo is cold my foot
    Better then Lupe WHAT?
    That was a springboard for this blog post
    I mean that really got me heated
    That was mind boggling
    I guess you're gonna like what you're gonna
    But c'mon
    That's like saying Deltef Schrimpf and Shawn Kemp are better
    Anyway that's got me in the writing mode
    I'll hit y'all with the scene 5 in a bit
    I bid you ado

    The Brain is better then Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo, with my eyes closed

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    yo malcolm, lupe is ill
    no question
    i mean, he isn't afraid to dish
    about the mundane and the ordinary