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    Good Weekend

    For starters I'm a little late
    I'm just now like sitting down at the computer all this weekend
    Which is a good thing in the summer
    My Uncle Wesley had a golf tournament so me my Uncle Jamal, and my Grandpa went along
    Trust me the supporting part was fun, Jamal took photos, I was along with refreshments, and Grandpa caddied 
    Then after what seemed like an eternity
    Trust me golf is a long walk spoiled
    From 11:30am to 5pm
    Grandpa treated us to Subway afterwards
    Then I chilled with Jamal and Wes
    I got to see my Auntie Jamee
    She's only two years older so she's like my big sister
    It's cool to see all the family
    I chilled with Wes that night
    Me and him cooled out with his friend Darrell
    They've been friends basically as long as I've been born
    I went to church this morning 
    Then I saw my buddy since pampers
    Dude been my homie since I went to the church
    I've been going to the church since I was two
    Today after church I hooped with Wes and Darrell
    Last time I played him
    I admit he beat me bad
    This time I put up a fight
    But fell short
    By next summer I should be able to handle him with ease
    Not to much going on with me right now
    My sis Anya hit me up on my IM, she wanted to be included
    So just for her I say a special Shout-outs to my fellow Martin
    But I do have a treat for you guys 
    If you haven't heard
    A mixtape I have some of my beats on just dropped
    So go cop that and support me
    Hit me up when I get to Jerz for some copies
    Or I'll direct you to somebody you can buy from
    Any who this wouldn't be much if I didn't supply you with a sample so
    Go ahead copy and paste that son
    Have a listen 
    The beat is sure to knock heads
    It's what needs to be in your car this fall
    For now I bid you ado

    The Brain be hustlin...SON


    yo mama said...

    you been @ that church since diapers son!!

    Thelonious Martin said...

    In that case longer