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    Love On Wax (Scene 6)

    Our last scene ends on a high note with Q leaving his buddies in Philly
    And sets up the next scene as Q is heading with his head high to New Jersey
    It's Tuesday afternoon, partly cloudy and Q is in the suburbs of Newark
    He rooms in some little hotel room, he takes from the car a couple of records and the rest of his equipment
    He uses the inspiration of his road trip, the hard working, the impoverished, the new, the old, and the unbelievable
    He quickly peeks through his records, and looks for a record that will optimize the life of the city, the ups and downs
    Not a regular record to sample, but something with soul
    He sifts through a couple records 
    Then he finds it
    Bobby Womack, not the Women's Gotta Have It record no we'll save that for later
    But Across 110th Street is the one for this scene as his eyes light up for this short scene it begins
    (Aloud yelling)
    "Doing what I can to survive!"
    (He places the needle at the certain samples in the song, and he is jumpy, his mood is anxious. He knows he is near what he is meant for. A conveyor of music through his grass roots of soul, funk, jazz, and rock. The record continues to play in the background he nods his head. A series of images of the cities he has driven through, his hometown, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. He has seen some things that would affect him for the rest of his life, things that further motivate him with his music. As Sly and the Family Stone said "Everybody is a Star." As the imagery changes from city to city and you see the children of the city, and the struggle, the 110th Street fades into Sly's Everybody is a Star. Showing with the proper education and motivation, everyone can be a star.)

    I bid you guys ado

    The Brain gives you much soul and love

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