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    Chicago is much more to me then a hometown
    It is the home of loyal friends and bus downs
    Monday night bowling
    Smiles quickly turned into frowns
    Staying PHLI, and keeping head above ground
    Much more then a skyline
    Much more then a view
    Chicago is a capsule of what is happening to you
    The pain 
    The struggle
    Our coats are bubbled
    Winters are cold
    Place of people that have the greatest story that are never told
    Harold's, Lawerence's, Portillo's, and Top Notch
    Naw if I wanna stuff my face Giordano's the top spot
    Getting stuck on the Dan Ryan
    And going to the show
    Trying not to watch snow
    Man oh man 
    I love my city
    A place called Chicago

    A Chicagoan blowing up like Chicago Wind
    So I stay breezy till my soul is at end
    But let me let you know
    The side I'm residing in

    I bid you ado

    The Brain is going to miss Chicago

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