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    Jubilant and Miserable (At the same time)

    Today was good and bad
    I awoke early to a laughing and playing two some of joy
    Sebastian and Sydney on the loose
    They awoke before me not that great for me 
    Amazing for them
    Dad cooked them breakfast
    Potatoes, eggs, and sausage
    I had my favorite buttermilk pancakes
    We got them ready for church
    Now here comes the funny part (Well at least for you guys)
    Sebastian usually falls asleep quite nicely in church
    Today was like no other
    Heck even Sydney did the ole' napperoo
    But as the service is coming to a close 
    Sebastian awakes a little bit
    And just pees all over himself
    Remind you he is in my lap
    It gets all over my cargo shorts
    We have to leave to change him
    We actually made good timing because his mom was on her way
    But that made the day for me
    I fixed Sydney lunch
    Talked on the phone with my mom
    Shout outs to my favorite woman, Ms. Didn't I just buy that the other day? How'd you eat that this fast Malcolm? did you save me any?
    AKA known as my mama
    She just got back from Jamaica
    Getting that tan on 
    I just realized its only 10 more days till I'm back to Montclair
    My kicks I ordered should be in tomorrow
    Can you say "Space Tigers" or is "Smurfs" easier to say
    If you haven't seen the vid on my facebook
    I have this ritual with kicks
    You may have seen Fat Joe doing this on MTV Cribs
    I lick the bottom of a brand new pair of sneakers
    Call it gross I don't care
    It represents how new and fresh the shoes are
    So I should be able to keep my shoes on ice until I get back to Montclair
    So I can film the vids
    Tomorrow I go bowling with my Uncle Wesley
    AKA the reason I cop SB's
    As for right now
    I'm trying to plot up a good Scene 7 for Love On Wax
    It may come to me in the morning
    Especially if I get the sneakers
    So don't expect it tonight
    This is going to be a big scene
    It needs more then 5 minutes to formulate the whole scene
    In case you didn't know
    I write without much brainstorming or revision
    Because I'm that good
    But I'm trying to improve my writing skills
    Hence the actual small screenplay
    Hopefully by the time I get to 5th draft of it 
    It would be presentable to an actual producer
    So on that note
    I bid you ado

    The Brain is in the eye of the storm, I'm brainstorming 

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