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    Just To Fix a lil Something

    Really I could say anything in this post
    I mean it's really just to move the post I just did down a notch
    SO... that video isn't covering the playlist or my links
    SO... me being the nice guy that I am
    I would like to shout out people that read the blog
    My mama
    And to those who else do
    Let me know
    You may see your name here ->.......
    Aha get it you name here-> It's a internet joke (kind of)
    See I really meant that I could say anything right now
    And I wasn't joking about that HOMIE
    See that's a In Living Color reference
    That show was out before I was born
    I love how my era of kids now
    Want to link back to eras
    That they were still in diapers in
    Someone told me (and in no disrespect)
    I'd be fly in the 90's
    Aside from the fact that Polo is timeless
    And fly nike's in that era would do
    Even for those who rocked J's
    I mean some fresh Air Revolutions would be nice if you kept them on ice from 92 and bring em out in like 95
    That's like if I got some '05 series SB Dunks and kept them on ice till now
    I mean same effect different era
    I've had enough fashion rambling for today
    I bid you ado

    The Brain is like retro kicks on ice since '88

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