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    Love on Wax (Scene 4)

    Last scene ends with Quincy starting his journey to NYC
    But Quincy has to make some last stops
    He has to see some friends before he leaves
    Our scene starts with Quincy pulls up to his lifelong friend
    Aretha, he has known her since pampers, she is moving to California
    She is actually packing her car as he pulls up
    (Hopping out of the car out of breath, Q pleads his case to Aretha)
    "Aretha, you didn't pick up your phone. You know I leave today..."
    (Aretha turns around arms folded, with an ATTITUDE)
    "Is that supposed to mean something!?!?!"
    (Aretha stands there arms still folded, Q has a blank face, there is an awkward silence, then Aretha slowly cracks a smile)
    "You big dummy, I'm not mad at you!
    (Q breathes a sigh of relief, Aretha continues)
    I'm going to miss you, you already know that. But lets not get teary eyed, this is sample make-up. I have something for you, I know you're going to appreciate it."
    (Q's eyes light up, he has something to say but he can't, he is now seeing Aretha in a different way, as Aretha turns into the car hides her present behind her back.)
    "Now I had to do some soul searching for this one, and some favors I'll regret. You should see how dirty someone's toilet is. Anyway check it out."
    (Aretha pulls from behind her back, a vinyl case it containing the one record Q could not find, he's been searching high and low. Freda Payne- And It's Yours To Have. Aretha hands it to him and says)
    "Open it there's something else in it."
    (Q gently opens the case and looks in the case, and is shocked in amazement, he looks at Aretha and says.)
    "No you didn't"
    (Aretha nods her head)
    "Oh yes I did."
    (Q continues.)
    "Our first valentine card, from kindergarten. You kept this."
    (Q digs deeper and is even more shocked, he pulls up a small silver chain with a silver puzzle piece as the pendant.)
    "It has a Q on it..."
    (Aretha unveils hers and untucks her chain from her shirt, and explains the pendant.)
    "Mine has an A on mine, so no matter how far apart we are we'll be connected. Eighteen years in Chi with each other, you're not getting rid of me. I love you Q."
    (Q is taken aback and turns to his car, Aretha thinks he is going away she screams)
    (Q turns around with a vinyl, Aretha stops immediately, and says.)
    "What's this?"
    (Q teary eyed responds.)
    "It's your favorite record, Aretha Franklin-One Step Ahead. You were always one step ahead of me. Look inside there's something for you too."
    (Aretha takes the record, and takes a look inside, shocked she pulls out a small gold chain.)
    "You always had a sense of humor. It say respect. You knew the kids on the playground used to always tease me about my name when I was little and sing that song whenever I walked by."
    (All Q could do is smile, he looked at her and then she looked at him. They stepped into one another and embraced, expressing love deeper then one could imagine bonded by a lifelong relationship, that is sealed my musical powers. Aretha pulled back a little and whispered.)
    "You're going to be late."
    (Q looked at her, and smiled, he simply said.)
    "See you at the top kiddo."
    (Q ran to the car, he had one more stop before his journey. He hopped in the car and rolled down the window. He shouted out to Aretha.)
    "I love you girl!"
    (Aretha replied back.)
    "Boy, I love you too!"
    (Quincy pulls off teary eyed, knowing he is going to miss that girl. But in his heart he knows that they will meet again. Now he has to move on there isn't much time. Next is his main man Ray. Ray is deaf without a hearing aid, but to listen to music, he takes off the aid and feels the vibration coming out his speakers. Q wanted to drop off his key to his house. Ray was the one person Q could trust. Q pulls up to the house and and steps out, Ray is sitting on top of a speaker at the foot of his porch stairs. Ray lifts his head, puts his hearing aid in. He says to Q.)
    "You know sometimes I feel like the old men with the big hearing horns to their ear. But without the aid, I feel as though I can hear a different way. I feel the vibration of sound waves and from that I can tell what it would sound like. If I took it off right now and hear you speak, I could feel the pain in your voice. Man just hand me the keys before my neighbors think you made the nice deaf kid next door cry."
    (Q looks at him and says back.)
    Dude you crazy, what if I knocked the nice deaf kid from next door the hell out. And how many times do I have to tell you not to play the deaf kid card, you hear better then me. C'mon you feel music."
    (Q starts to laugh, and so does Ray, he motions for the keys. Q tosses him the keys, and sits on the speaker. Ray turns to tell him.)
    "I wouldn't do that."
    (Q is puzzled)
    "Why not?"
    (Ray replies.)
    "The drum solo and bridge is coming up."
    (Q hops up quickly. Yet the speakers actually gets softer, Ray chuckles and says.)
    "You always fall for that one, I mean I'm deaf, you're gonna be gullible, but DAMN!"
    (Q replies.)
    "I'm bout to leave and you play that, same old Ray, man thanks for being my brother."
    (Ray's tone turns serious, he speaks)
    "So this is it... for now. You know I'm coming to New York to tag some spots. I'll give you a call when I get into town."
    (Ray steps to Q and they hug, and Ray whispers.)
    "Dude get off me I don't want the neighbors to think the nice little deaf kid next door is gay."
    (Q quickly lets go and says.)
    "Aight fam, give me a call when you're on your way see you at the top kiddo."
    (Q walks to the car, as he steps in he rolls down the window, and yells out to Ray.)
    "I know you hear me, dude I gotcha see you soon!"
    (Q pulls off, Ray clutches the keychain, takes off his hearing aid and sits on the speaker, with his hands firmly on the speaker and the scene fades to back.)

    The Brain feels the music

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